Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Insurance Company Death Panels

Insurance companies that deny policy holders care are the real death panels. What part of that doesn't Scarah Sarah get?

It's been a helluvan August, but it gave the Dems a chance to say they tried bipartisanship. That totally irrational arguments were raised now gives them the chance to just get it done. Millions of Americans NEED a public option because it's the only option they have. People can't even afford their mortgages (thanks banks), let alone $6 a day rip-off insurance they see advertised on tv.

We can't afford to wait. Premiums are rising and people without jobs have no hope. It's STILL time for a change. And that time is NOW.

Ask yourself why someone with a good health care plan wants someone else not to have one. There's your death panel right there. And don't fool yourself, either they have no social conscience whatsoever and are so greedy that they fear anyone having what they have, or they are stupid enough to be fooled by corporate interests that would rather see people dead than take their profits for the benefit of getting everyone help for what ails them.

So why is it again that this great nation can't have health care for all it's citizens? That's the saddest fact of all.

And btw, I've used the VA for health care for over ten years now. And all thru the Bush years they've offered me assistance on Advanced Directives and a Living Will. So where do you think Scarah got this idea of death panels from? Most insurance companies have nursing assistance guides who offer it too--contracted thru their HMO's.

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