Thursday, September 10, 2009

For the Pro-Lifers

Here's one worth repeating...


Why are Winger Pro-Lifers So Against Saving Lives?

By Mark Karlin

It's one of the manifold hypocrisies of the right wing, psychotic movement of hysteria -- shifting from tea bagging, to birthers, to Town Hall mobs, to anti-the-President encouraging studying -- that as far as healthcare, the "pro-life" mob is anti-life when it comes to medical care for all Americans.

It's really quite simple: thousands of Americans die each year from not having health insurance. Period.

Part of being in a demagogic cabal in a parallel universe of emotional pathology is that you do not have to make sense.

In this case, the legacy of the Nixon Southern Strategy combined with corporate ownership of the media that manipulates displaced white workers into thinking immigrants and blacks are responsible for losing their jobs instead of the global Pac-Man corporations that have exported them overseas, has resulted in a selfish greed over some crumbs of pie left in the wake of big business abandonment of production in America.

As a nation, we produce very little anymore except gambling debts from "cannot fail" Wall Street financial firms that we bail out with more loans from China.

And speaking of China, unemployed and underpaid workers swarm Wal-Mart and buy cheap goods made in China while Wal-Mart pretends it's pro-American. It's a sort of enforced economic self-cannibalization, with the Waltons making billions of dollars off of this scam.

It's a twisted and perverse tale only made possible by the Goebbels fiction machine of Cable TV "News" with the exception of the -- for the moment -- MSNBC evening line up -- and the vast reaches of right wing "Devil in Your Ear' right wing radio.

The Corporations have used the media to divide America into two communities: one that claims that it only cares about whites and themselves and their churches (and to Hell with others, such as in Katrina); and 2) the progressives (almost exclusively Dems) who believe that we are a national community caring for each other as a nation.

Last night, Obama appealed to our better angels; the Republicans continue to appeal to Satan's greed and selfishness, plus a glob of racism. It's that simple; it really is.

It's a tale of two communities: one for white people slightly deranged who have been brainwashed by television and myths about the Confederacy; and one for those who believe America is a nation where we support each other for the public good and the health of the country.

We won the Civil War in 1865.

Why is it still going on?

And isn't it ironic that those who accuse President Obama of being communist, support the corporate hypocrisy of dealing with China. What next? Cuba too?

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