Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We are all Democrats Now

A little helo-ing on the GoP tells me there's someone there who realizes how Paulson's up to no good... and a good many liberals have known this too all along. Only we called it Corporate Welfare--reverse socialism, but socialism non-the-less. (are you used to it yet?) While the govt takes over housing, banks, and now GM? hmmm... you've definitely got an Ism going on...

This post about how to change the Republican party tells me they're not all dumbo's after all. It came from a site looking for ideas for change.

remove the plank from their own eye

Conservatives who accuse Obama and the Dems of being socialists need to first remove the plank from their own eye. Under the GoP the Federal Govt has increased in size, power, and scope more than any other recent president. That is socialism. 9/11 changed many things, but NOT the fact that limited government is a good idea. There are ways of fighting terrorism without drastically increasing the size of government or terrorizing ourselves, as Michael Sheehan explains in his 2008 book 'Crush the Cell'.

Further, Bush's bailout of Wall St. is example of reverse socialism for the rich. Govt-mandated wealth transfer in any direction is destructive to the national free market and our economy. There are ways to solve this problem that minimize the cost to taxpayers and put first losses on stock and bondholders of struggling financial companies, which is the way capitalism is *supposed* work. Google 'Genesis Plan', 'Zingales's Plan B', and 'Janet Tavakoli' for several good examples.

Of course, Bush's Treasury Secretary Hank Pauslon made over half a billion dollars as CEO of Goldman Sachs prior to becoming Secretary in 2006. GS was one of the firms instrumental in creating this crisis. Paulson made that money *while* GS was creating the problem, failed to see it coming or understand it, still can't figure out what to do about it, and is blocking any effort to force investors in GS and other Wall Street firms to take first losses, favoring spending likely over a trillion taxpayer $ to bail them all out instead. That is *not* capitalism. That is an extraordinary conflict of interest. That is how banana republics and communist countries are run. Where is the accountability that is supposedly an important part of Conservatism???

All but the most partisan Constitutional lawyers and observant citizens are critical of Bush's guardianship of the Constitution and civil liberties. He has sacrificed a lot for expedience in the war on terror, and as president during the 9/11 attack I can't say I blame him, as a second attack could have been ruinous to the country and his administration. However, it is possible, likely, that he overdid it. It is now time for the GoP to take the lead in reviewing and re-evaluating PATRIOT I & II, the MCA, and other laws passed, and modifying parts of them where necessary to restore curtailed Constitutional rights and civil liberties. Again, Michael Sheehan provides a guide for striking the right balance between security, rights, and openess in his book 'Crush the Cell'.

thread sugguestions

...likely that he committed some crimes along the way, and they can enjoy their time in Gtmo.

We are all Democrats Now


Anonymous said...

Excellent analysis. We've been providing "welfare" to corporate farms and the oil industry for decades, and now Wall Street. I'm torn between wanting the Wall Street bailout so I can hopefully retire before I'm 80, and wanting to give the greedy bastards a thorough spanking for being self-absorbed and greedy. And now it's the auto industry...sheesh.

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Kiko said...

Here's the email Mario,

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