Monday, November 24, 2008

Best of the blogs

Shannyn Moore commenting on Palin's turkey pardon fiasco:

I like Shannyn because she gives us the 'real feel' from the frozen north. Sarah Palin really is a piece of work alright. But after working with Highway Safety and seeing some of the horrible accidents that happen, this other part of her post really got me. Any chance WEC was insured by AIG?

In his final hours, Governor Murkowski granted an executive pardon to a company convicted of criminally negligent homicide. Whitewater Engineering Corporation pleaded no contest in 2001 to the charge in connection with the 1999 death of one of its employees. They knowingly forced backhoe operator Gary Stone to traverse dangerous snow conditions. He was killed.

Whitewater’s pardon was granted on November 30, 2006. Mr. Stone’s family first learned of it from the Anchorage Daily News. No one from the Murkowski Administration notified the victim’s family of the request for clemency or that the pardon had been granted. It was a vulgar display of the corporate protectionism Frank Murkowski was known for.

I worked in highway construction for the state approving subcontractors, and fully 1/3 of the construction companies approved to work for the state were insured by AIG. The insurance company would have been making the death settlement.

Another curious fact: Elliot Spitzer was onto AIG when he was NY Attorney General. Now his downfall is being rehashed on some sleezy ‘entertainment’ show by glorifying the hooker who took him down.

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